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Our Story

This property wanted to be a wedding venue. It just took us a while to understand it.

It was a wedding that caused my sister-in-law to fly home from Montana in 2014 and altered the route of my daily commute to take me past this plot of land on the morning it was listed and the sign went up at the end of the road. After dropping her off at her dad's house a few miles away, I drove by this beautiful acreage. I texted my wife and she quickly responded that she'd be right down. I texted the realtor and asked if she needed to meet us or if we were free to walk the property. She replied that we could walk it ourselves but there was currently another couple up there checking it out. The other couple was gone by the time my wife met me, but we knew from the moment we pulled up to it from Longsdorf Road and took in that view that we were going to buy it. We briefly walked around through the brush in the spring rain before driving right down to the realtor's office to write an offer. The seller accepted our initial offer and the ink wasn't even dry on the signatures when the phone rang. It was another realtor representing the couple that viewed the property before us, wanting to present an offer. The listing agent informed him that it had just sold. If it wasn't for the friend's wedding that my sister-in-law was attending, I wouldn't have driven by that morning and some other couple would be the proud owners of 6995 Longsdorf Rd.!

That fall we rented someone else's barn for a dance for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration. Everyone loved the event and we thought to ourselves it would be great to have a barn like that on Longsdorf Rd. for regular family get-togethers. Another wedding-related sign.

Two years later my brother's 2 oldest daughters were working for me on their summer break from college. The oldest girl, who is also my goddaughter, got engaged and began planning her summer 2017 wedding. After calling numerous venues to find out that they were already booked or beyond her budget, I suggested having the wedding on our property. We had already dug the pond and I told her that her aunt and I were hoping to build a barn someday. I said we'd try to expedite "someday" but if we couldn't do that she could just rent a large tent and it would be beautiful. It was, after all, a gorgeous 23 acres. Well, we had the barn nearly finished by her wedding date... finished enough to use. Once the pictures started hitting social media, people started contacting us to ask about having their weddings here. I thought to myself this might be a good little side hustle. Little did I know it would become my full-time job.

We finally listened to the land. It was always about weddings. It's a magical setting and it naturally calls to couples to begin their forever afters here. Come see for yourself.

All the best,


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